Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Important predictions by Indian astrologer

Important predictions by Indian astrologer

Predictions by a Ms Sharitha  based at Mangalore the famous astrologer who had predicted most elections accurately in the past:-

1) 2017 - India and Pakistan will have a decisive war and Pakistan will be wiped out. A smaller new country will be born between India and Afghanistan named Baluchistan. Large part of Pakistan will be occupied by India but China will lay claims to POK after the war.

2) Bangladesh and Nepal will join India in 2018 and 2020 respectively

3) Bhutan will join India in 2021

4) Modi will die in 2027 in an accident

5) After 2017, India will get on the road to become the third super power after US and China

6) Russia under Putin will align and partner with China

7) India will get security council permanent seat in end of 2017

8) Afghanistan will become more open nation and taliban will be defeated and routed out

9) congress will replace Rahul with Priyanka in 2017. Priyanka will get divorced.

God bless all her predictions in future also come True...
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