Saturday, 21 January 2017

News - Derailment of passenger train in Odisha - 8 coaches of Jagdalpur -Bhubaneswar Hirakhand express train

News - 8 coaches of Jagdalpur -Bhubaneswar Hirakhand express train derail in Odisha

All rescue and relief apparatus have been mobilised immediately, Railways said a tweet.
NEW DELHI: The Jagadalpur-Bhubaneshwar train has met with a serious accident with reports of possible fatalities. The incident occurred at about 11pm on Saturday night as the train leaving Rayagada station in Odisha was to reach Kuneru in AP. 

Confirming the accident Railway spokesperson said 8 coaches including the engine were affected. At the time of filing this report the railway doctor had already confirmed twelve dead from site, and close to hundred were injured. 

The casualties numbers are expected to increase sharply according to reports from the ground. A reporter of the Odiya news channel PrameyaNews7 said the train, "due to wrong signalling had hit a standing goods train" 25 km from Rayagada, which it had left at about 10.30pm. Three sleeper coaches S6, S7 and S8 and two general coaches have fallen 25 -30feet, claimed the channel. 

Its reporter said, looking at the state of the mangled coaches, he feared many more casualties. Rayagada's medical infrastructure is lacking in normal circumstances, the concern and challenge will also be bringing the patients to hospitals as well as providing adequate medical care. 

The following hotline numbers have been shared by the Railways: 85744, 85755, 85777, 85788 and 06856-223400, 06856-223500, 09439741181, 09439741071, 07681878777, 07326812986 for Rayagada. 1072 and 2748641 for Vishakatpatnam control room. 

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