Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Speaking Tree - The Next Step In Human Evolution


Speaking Tree - The Next Step In Human Evolution

Let’s talk about evolution. Let what i say be hypothetical to you, like all science experiments begin with hypotheses. But proof is not in accepting what is being said until it is experienced.

Why did God have to create this universe when He is complete in Himself? A human being may become rich or accomplished, yet he is not satisfied until he has created something of substance. Similarly, the power of Divine love as Adishakti created the universe.

The very first living beings were small and one-celled, evolving over millennia to various life forms including human beings. This type of creation does not take place by chance. There was a force behind it. Today if man has reached the moon, it is also a step towards human evolution. Human being has reached this state in a surprisingly very short period of time. But he still has to learn a lot more.

Source of energy

What is the reason for disintegration in society? If the tree becomes too big and expands a lot in outward direction, it loses touch with its roots and starts to disintegrate. Hence we need to know from where we get all our energy. Until we reach the source of that energy we may experience challenges like disintegration. So go and find out that power. This is a responsibility for being the most evolved creation of God.

The power within could guide you. If the fuel filled within is not utilised, then your instrument is wasted. But how to refill the fuel as the process is not available? When a child turns three years of age, the “opening” to refuel gets closed. This fuel is called the power of Kundalini. Very few people have experienced this energy. Through Sahaja Yoga millions of seekers have been able to feel this energy. They have experienced this hypothesis and believe in it as a fact. As soon as you get to know this energy, you get real peace, and also get complete knowledge about yourself.

Healing touch
Those who attain Self-realisation are equipped with this power, and they never have to face any disease because they acquire the knowledge to resist disease. This energy of spiritual awareness flows in your hands, described by Adi Shankara in the sixth century. With these vibrations, you can do well for others too while doing good for yourself and enjoy longevity, joy and happiness.

By practising meditation you can also achieve collective consciousness, which has not been felt and learnt by anyone so far. It means that we can understand other peoples' vibrations and know about their problems, when we raise someone’s Kundalini with our love we also understand the blockages and ways to remove them. There is no better voluntary service or social service in this world. It is an automatic phenomenon that if one hand gets hurt, the other hand comes forward to make it feel better.

The only thing is that Sahaja Yoga works when you embrace it completely, from within. It is a wonderful and unique thing; it’s not that wonderful things do not happen in this world. It only needs to be adopted by choice.

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