Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Speaking Tree - Radical But Loving Vision For A Golden Future


Speaking Tree - Radical But Loving Vision For A Golden Future

According to me, (right now) law is not for protection of the just, it is for protection of the crowd mind; whether it is just or unjust does not matter. Law is against the individual and for the crowd. 

It is an effort to reduce the individual and his freedom, and his possibility of being himself.

The latest scientific researches say that many of those who are termed as criminals are not responsible for their crimes; they inherit that tendency. 

Now it is almost an established scientific fact that punishing anybody for any crime is simply idiotic. It is almost like punishing somebody because he has tuberculosis – or sending him to jail because he is suffering from cancer. 

All criminals are sick, psychologically and spiritually.

In my vision of a commune, the courts will not consist of law experts; they will consist of people who understand human nature and hereditary and other factors. 

The wrongdoer has to be sent to the right institution; maybe a hospital, or a psychiatric institution, or a psychoanalytic school. He needs our sympathy, love and help. Instead, for centuries we have been giving him punishment. 

Man has committed so much cruelty behind such beautiful names as order, law and justice.

The new man will have no jails, judges and legal experts. There will certainly have to be sympathetic scientists; meditative, compassionate beings, to work out why it happened that a certain man committed rape, for instance. 

Is it because of lack of spiritual dimension and guidance when dealing with overactive hormones, oppressive poverty or some other psychological affliction? Such offenders need to be taught to cool down, calm down.

By punishing, you cannot change his hormones. Throwing him in jail, you will perhaps create more of a pervert. The new commune of man will be based on science, not on superstition. 

If somebody does something harmful to the commune, then his body has to be looked into; he needs some physiological/ biological change. His mind has to be looked into -- perhaps psychoanalysis. 

The deepest possibility is that neither body nor mind are of much help; that means he needs a deep spiritual regeneration, a deep meditative cleansing.

Instead of courts, we should have meditative centres of different kinds, so every unique individual can find his own way. 

And instead of law experts, we need scientific people of different persuasions to deal with offenders, because somebody may have a chemical defect, another may have a biological or physiological defect. 

We need all these kinds of experts, of all persuasions and schools of psychology, all types of meditators, and we can transform people who have been victims of unknown forces... and who have been punished by us. They have suffered in a double sense.

First, they are suffering from an unknown biological force. Secondly, they are suffering at the hands of your judges; it is so insane that future human beings will not be able to believe it. It is almost the same with the past.

The new man (in an ideal commune of the future) can live without any law, without any courts and lawyers. Love will be his law. Understanding will be his order. Science will be, in every difficult situation, his last resort.

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