Sunday, 15 January 2017

Embodiments of love - 16.01.2017

Embodiments of love - 16.01.2017

If we have true devotion in the heart how would our lives be? Bhagawan lovingly reminds us today.

Love for God is devotion. Devotion is not something objective and concrete – it is an inner experience which springs from the heart. 

As you think, so you become. Hence, your heart must be filled with good feelings. Your senses must be engaged in good actions. 

When your eyes are turned towards God, all creations appear as Divine embodiments. When your eyes have an issue, you have distorted or unclear vision. 

When they are corrected and you wear the right spectacles, you can see everything clearly. Everything in the Universe testifies to the glory of the Lord.

 Learn to treat every experience as a gift of the Divine. When your hearts are filled with the love of God, all your feelings will be sanctified with love, other undesirable thoughts automatically drop out. 

Often devotees pray to the Lord to come and reside in their pure and tranquil hearts. Where the heart is impure then is no room for God.

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