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Psy - Shifting from undeserving to a life of deservedness

Psy - Shifting from undeserving to a life of deservedness

*You Deserve Success and Fulfilment*

The issue of deservingness comes up pretty consistently when I’m teaching. You hear it in people’s questions that they don’t deserve success, happiness, peace of mind, etc. It comes out in language like, “I wasn’t meant to have (fill-in-the-blank), I guess.”

I don’t know who appointed anyone the one that knows what was meant to be or not meant to be, but they must be God, yes?

Let’s get rid of that language “meant to be” because you don’t know the answer to that question and neither do I. We’re going to let the big guy or the big gal or whatever greater spirit is out there take care of that. That’s not up to us.

My experience is that if we put our intention into something, and we are willing to work for it and do what it takes, it’s going to come about.

Let’s take football for example. Most 5’6” guys are not going to play professional football.

Well, there’s a guy who’s been in the league for several years named Darren Sproles, a 5’6” little speedster who plays running back. I saw a special about him on television that described since he was literally four years old, he was walking around with a football saying, “I’m going to be a football player.” Even though he was one of the smallest guys on every team he was ever on, he was also one of the best guys because he made up for it with his speed, strength, and his determination.

How many times do you think people told him, “No, you’re too small to play professional football”? A lot, but not enough. He never let it get so bad that he ever believed he didn’t deserve what he wanted no matter what other people were saying.

A lack of deservedness is a belief, it’s not a fact, so question it and examine it.

And we get our beliefs from verbal programming: from our parents, teachers, authority figures, or anybody else that said we’re not worthy.

We also get our beliefs from specific incidents that occur in life. Maybe you had a business or marriage that failed. Maybe you had a situation that you really wanted to work out but didn’t. Then we form a belief that, “I’m not worthy. I don’t deserve it anymore.”

The belief that you are not worthy or that you don’t deserve it is complete BS. You agreed with somebody that, “You’re not worthy” or, “You’re not as good as your brother or sister,” or whatever it is, and you bought it.

That’s all a way out to make ourselves feel better about being (or perceiving that we were) invalidated. It’s an “I don’t have to try” pill. “If I don’t do well, I’m okay with it because I’m not worthy anyway.”

If you want to block success; if you want to block your spirit; if you want to block your higher self; if you want to block the pure wisdom and joy and elegance that’s inside of you, well…that’s your business, isn’t it? All you have to do is say, “I’m unworthy,” and it’s over and finished. That gives you a nice excuse for your life, but it doesn’t work to get you what you want, does it?

All beliefs can be changed, and many of them need to be changed. Beliefs are changed with new evidence and new truths.

You can spend about 40 years in therapy trying to change your worthiness and deservedness, or you can just change the ridiculous story that says, “I’m not worthy” to “I am worthy!”

You just make up your mind and say, “I am worthy of the best life possible for myself and my family. I am deserving of all good things.”

Nobody else has that power, just you. You are the one with the pen. You are the one writing the book. You are the one writing the script of your life. It’s you, you and you!

You decided if you’re unworthy. You decide if you’re worthy.

Repeat this aloud, “I hereby decide that I deserve the best in life.”

Say it again. “I hereby decide that I deserve the best in life.”

Now you just do what you need to do to get it done.

Let’s hear from you…what challenges and obstacles have you overcome in spite of the odds? How were you able to shift from undeserving to a life of deservedness.

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