Saturday, 14 January 2017

Speaking Tree - Expand Your Consciousness, And You’re Home!


Speaking Tree - Expand Your Consciousness, And You’re Home!

The deeply settled notion that we are a body-mind organism is the root cause of many problems. After coming here we need identification and what could be nearer than our own body-mind? Therefore, we take it to be ourselves and live our whole life keeping this body-mind at the centre. Our world evolves out of this centre.

 Our thoughts originate from this fundamental premise that we are what we think -- a body governed by a mind! Saints, however do not identify themselves with their body or mind only. They operate from a different centre altogether.

 Their consciousness is so expansive that it includes not only their own body-mind but also all other body-minds. A true saint will have such a wide consciousness that it will encompass the entire world. 

When we are free of our body-mind or so-called 'ego', two fundamental things happen. Firstly, we are free of any guilt whatsoever. 

Secondly, we experience true love. Because, everyone and everything else becomes so fundamentally 'us' that there are no boundaries left, whatsoever. We feel so much oneness in existence, that, there is no ‘other’. Hell is gone, only bliss is left!

How can we be free from the vagaries of our own body and mind? By growing in awareness, by expanding in consciousness! 

All spiritual and yogic practices attempt to achieve this basic objective. The more we grow in awareness, the freer we become of our body-mind. Ultimate awareness or what we call as "awakened state" is the end of body-consciousness altogether. That is our Home.

Our purpose here is to attain this widened and expanded consciousness. We must find the whole world within us. That's the ultimate possibility of a human being. And it is achievable. All that one needs to do is to see the truth of it and pursue it sincerely.

Right now, when i am writing these words, i can have two positions. One, i am a philosopher and wish to express my feelings, that is why i am writing. Second, there is a philosopher who wishes to give expression to his feelings that is why he is writing. 

In the first case, the success of my pursuit is very important to me. However, in the second case, the whole question of success or failure turns irrelevant as it isn't related wholly to me. It's related to only a part of me. 

Hence, in order to keep this part of mine happy, meaningful and fulfilled, all that I need to do is to give it contentment of full effort and propitious action. That’s all! Outcome can hardly affect my serenity. Do you see the Truth?

Thus, finding our true centre by freeing ourselves of our limited body-mind consciousness or ‘deh-buddhi’ is the ultimate aim. It ends all our sufferings conclusively.

Constantly keep this reality in mind. You will need to keep reminding yourselves that the so-called "you" is only a part of yourself. A mighty larger reality exists and it’s the expanded form of your own tiny consciousness.

When we expand in consciousness, miracles happen. We find ourselves mingled in existence and find oneness with every atom. We see light everywhere. We are blissful! We are home!
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