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Speaking Tree -Why Even Insecurity Can Be So Beautiful


Speaking Tree -Why Even Insecurity Can Be So Beautiful

Adi Shankaracharya says, ‘Mudha, Jahihi, mudha, mudha jahihi dhanagama trshnam mudha. – O fool, give up, give up….’ Give up what? 

Give up the very ordinary way of living — of anxiety, striving for name and fame, samsara, always wanting. Wherever you are, the ordinary way is always the way full of anxieties. He says, give up - jahihi.

Lead a life extraordinary where in very devotion there is security, where in  very insecurity, there is joy. Insecurity by itself is so beautiful, because insecurity is something equal to moment to moment living. Things around us are changing.Change is constant.

When our hearts are filled with devotion, these changes appear as though the Lord is garlanding us with these changes. God is showering us with the gift of surprises through changes, inviting us to be creative and deal with fleeting moments of life, an adventure to encounter something new. 

The purity of our devotion gives tremendous joy. Therefore, the master says, ‘please give up - jahihi.’ Develop the attitude of giving up and discover the joy derived from giving up. 

We habitually seek joy in asking, taking, and receiving. When someone gives us a birthday gift, we become very happy. But despite the many things we possess, we are empty inside.

This is because we think that joy is only in receiving. We hardly experience the joy of giving. We hardly give up anything. So he says give up - jahihi. In practising detachment one discovers that there is joy. 

It is very difficult for people to understand this concept as some even get attached to detachment.

A teacher accompanied by his disciple went out for a walk by the seashore. Both had embraced monkhood. 

They noticed a young pretty girl was drowning and seeking help. Sensing the impending danger, the guru dropped his water pot and ran towards the drowning girl, picked her up and brought her ashore to safety. 

She was practically half naked and had almost fainted from fear of drowning. The guru helped her out and spent a few minutes to comfort her till she regained her conscious. 

Thereafter, the guru and sishya continued walking. The sishya was witness to all the happenings. The journey back to their abode or ashram took almost three hours. 

The sishya was practising silence. The guru was ready for the evening discourse.

The sishya asked, ‘Guruji, we practise strict code of monkhood, and  detachment, but you were touching the girl who was half naked to save her even though you are forbidden to be in the company of a female. Is it not against the vow of a monkhood?’

The guru replied gently, ‘I picked her up, saved her, and soon after dropped her thought from my mind. 

You did not touch her or save her, but you are carrying the idea that I had picked her up not just at that moment but for so many hours in your mind. Now you tell me who is attached and who is detached?’.

There is joy in detachment. Please give up attachment - Mudhajahihi. When I say give up attachment, I mean it is not by using force that you give up attachment. 

You don’t have to shave your head, and forcefully subject yourself to many forms of physical censure to practise detachment…
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